Immortal Romance Slot Machine: free play and review

Description and idea of ​​the game

The Immortal Romance slot will take you in an amazing way thanks to its 5 reels created by the same creators of the famous Thunderstuck, Microgaming presents a new product that enjoys the quality of its graphics and sound. Whether you love romantic stories with a predictable ending or you like TV series and movies like those about love stories between vampires and young demons, in short, if you are a teenager or otherwise live in this world, the Immortal Novel is a slot for you, but it is also a slot with which you just want a good slot with which to spend your time. It can be considered a blockbuster title for Microgaming.


Fantastic slot that offers 243 paylines to take you to victory. The noise before it was released was obvious, as Microgaming developers rarely miss a title. The game introduces us to the story of the 4 main characters, we find a witch, a vampire, a vampire lover and a beautiful woman who falls in love with the same. But these are not young heroes, but a certain age. The game will take you to a certain world, where you will have to progress through bonuses such as the Chamber of Spins. You will then have wildcards and the Joker Desire option, which makes the rollers go crazy, offering great chances to win.


The game is suitable for the pockets of many players, thanks to the betting opportunities very differently depending on their budget. The minimum bet is 30 cents to 6th place and you can get a final win of 7720 in the main game and prizes up to almost 73,000 euros with bonus games. Immortal Romance offers you various bonuses to unlock with at least 3 scatter symbols, for example you can access the Chamber of Spins with different levels. In short, you find yourself playing a higher category slot when you decide to challenge fate with Immortal Romance. There are great graphics and prizes that are not many slots that offer you, original and intriguing story and original soundtrack. The creators of the game have given their best with the Immortal Romance!. You can buy bitcoin with zelle.

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