Jacks or better: rules and strategy

Jacks or better

Jacks or Better is the most popular and present video poker variants on the scene. His name “Jacks or Better” literally means “Jack or Better” or “Fanti or Better.” The reason for this name is that it is due to the specified points to get the minimum amount given exactly by a pair of Jacks. Although there are now dozens of different options, Jacks or Better is always very successful due to its charm and simplicity.

Game of the game

At the beginning of the game, the player has the opportunity to play from 1 to 5 chips, which will affect the amount of credit for grabs in case of victory. Each Jacks or Better result is associated with a specific multiplier that will be multiplied by the bet. So, if you specify 1 symbol of 0.10 and get a pair of jacks worth 1, you will win 0.10 euros. If you get a result that pays 25 tokens, you will win 2.50 euros and so on.

Cards and detention

Once the token or tokens are “inserted”, the game begins with the deal of 5 cards. As in traditional poker, you have the right to change the card. In Jacks or Better, as in any other video poker, you can use the “Hold” or “Hold” feature, which allows you to save the cards you find useful to get a better result by exchanging cards. Given that the minimum score paid is the pair of Jack if you play Jacks or Better remember that each number can give you a pair. However, our advice is to always look for luck with the highest scores (Full, Poker, Color Scale, Royal Flush). Another piece of advice we give you is to play Jacks or Better with progressive jackpots, which means that they have incremental prizes (based on the bets of the same video poker users) associated with the highest score, the real scale.

Jacks or better multiline

In addition to the classic version, some online casinos have jacks or a better option in the multi-line version, ie. with the ability to “hold” the cards in one hand, but as a change for several consecutive hands. For example, if the starting hand is J, K, 4, 5, 6 and I want to swap the last three cards, in a 50-line version I can have 50 different swap options for the same last three cards.


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