Poker Joker: Rules and Strategy

Joker poker online

Joker Poker is a variant of video poker that is very popular with the audience because of its main function, Jolly Joker. As you can easily guess, the Jolly card can replace any other card in the game and therefore help you score winning results. Another feature of the game Joker Poker is that of the added value given by the same joker for the combinations made. In fact, some points (especially poker) pay much more if they are formed using a joker. That’s why Joker Poker has a very good chance of winning, but on the other hand a minimal result that can usually be paid by a pair of aces.

Joker poker game

The player can bet from 1 to 5 chips, which will affect the amount of credit for the grabs in case of victory. Each Joker Poker result is associated with a certain number of chips, which are multiplied by the bet made. Therefore, if you are 1 symbol of 0.20 and receive a pair of aces worth 1, you will win 0.20 euros. If you get a result that pays 100 tokens, you will win $ 20 and so on.

Cards and detention

After placing the bet, the game begins with the deal of 5 cards. As in traditional poker, you have the right to change the cards to improve the result in a later round. In fact, in Joker Poker, as in any other video poker, you can use the “Hold” or “Hold” feature, which allows you to save the cards you deem useful to get a better result by exchanging cards. Due to the characteristics of the game, we recommend that you try your luck with the highest scores (Poker, Poker with Merry, Royal Scale, Royal Flush with Jolly). Another piece of advice we give you is to play Joker Poker with progressive jackpots, saying that you increase the prize pool in proportion to the bets of other users of the same video poker.

Joker multi line poker

In addition to the simple option, some online casinos include Joker Poker in the multi-line version, which is able to “hold” certain cards in one hand, but get a few changes in the next round. For example, if the starting hand of a Joker Poker game is Ace, Jolie, 2, 6, 5 and I want to change the last three cards, in a 50-line version I can have 50 possible closing solutions.

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